The Plastform company is constantly achieving outstanding results in the production of EPS packaging products and has therefore complemented its range of products with the production of fish crates.

EPS is lightweight, durable and versatile. It can be molded in any form and manufactured in any dimension.
Exceptional impact resistance and compression strength allows the EPS to be used in the form of protective packaging for products and items of great value.

Using EPS in the production of packaging crates for transport has numerous advantages. It is well-known that EPS does not contribute to the growth of bacteria and has good properties and does not absorb water.
Also, of all materials that appear on the market, and are used for fish crates production, the EPS / styrofoam has the best insulating properties. Good insulation properties of EPS allow the efficient maintenance of low temperatures, which is extremely important in fish transport because the fish are subject to rapid deterioration and the low temperatures keep it fresh fresh. The fish need to be cooled immediately after they are caught and as such distributed in the EPS crates to the end consumers, which preserves their freshness.
For the foregoing reasons, we recommend using the EPS fish crates when distributing fish in the channels where cooling is not fully enabled and all for the purpose of prolonging the maintenance of low temperature of the fish as much as possible.

The advantage of using the EPS fish crates is that due to their light weight they do not increase the cost of transportation.

The crates are construed in a way that it enables stacking of crates and thus a smaller portion of the space is taken in a transport vehicle.

The company Plastform, in addition to  the production of various types of EPS fish crates, provides the service of pressing and printing logos, pictures or any other signs on the same.

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